We are often asked this question, Why Young Living and what sets them apart from the other essential oil companies. Most, if not all, also tend to question, "Aren't they all the same?",  "Lavender is Lavender, right?"

This is (unfortunately) one major myth we would like to debunk. Take Young Living's Cypress essential oil for an example. Therapeutic-grade standard of Cypress essential oil is known to have 280 known chemical constituents. Therefore:

  • If it is distilled for 20 hours you only get 20 properties.

  • If distilled for 26 hours you get NONE of the properties. 

  • Most market cypress is distilled for 3.5 hours. 

  • The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get the full 280 properties. 

Hence, if you want Cypress to do the job it is intended to do, you MUST get ALL 280 constituents - no more, no less. Most people do not realise essential oils have chemical properties in them; and in order to get the full benefit out of that particular oil, it has to be grown, harvested, and distilled the correct way or the oil contains no benefit to us.

Having said that, does it really matter then where the oils are sourced? Certainly, YES! Young Living believes that you and your family deserve products that are genuine, free of harmful synthetics, and of unmatched purity. Seed to Seal® is our promise to you that we are committed to providing just that to your family. From the seeds we plant to the moment we seal our bottles, we focus on naturally occurring and high-quality components to provide you with a pristine final product without compromise.

our unique seed to seal process includes five painstaking steps


In addition, Young Living is so much more than just essential oils. Along with their 84 single oils and 109 blends, they're the only company to feature an FDA-approved dietary product "Vitality" line - a vast array of health and wellness-supportive goodies through their Product Guide. Young Living is your one-stop toxic-free shopping portal for your everyday needs, from head to toe. 

The Farms and Offices of Young Living Globally


In order to keep strict quality standards, Young Living has their own farms and distilleries located all over the world. This is not inclusive of the offices which Young Living has, allowing their members to get their oils, quickly and hassle free. You can see find out more about the farms here.

Last but not least, we started with Young Living, and would never settle for anything less!

Join us in this purposeful journey of wellness and abundance.

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