Rent-to-Try Program

As part of our experiential marketing, we are pleased to introduce our Rent-to-Try Program (sleep therapy mattress only). This program is currently available in Melbourne (Australia), Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rent an electric potential thermotherapy sleep device for $140 (7-day trial) or a total of $250 (14-day trial). A security deposit ($300) will be required for contingent recoveries and/or any damage. 


If you would like to purchase an electric potential thermotherapy sleep device after trying it, then return the rental unit and your deposit will be fully reimbursed. A completely new device will then be shipped to you after confirmation and payment of your order.


The electric potential thermotherapy sleep device comes with a single-sized mattress, a control unit and a carrying bag. The sleep device will offer you the full line of electric potential as well as far-infra red applications available in your own home. If you do not want to purchase a device, return the rental unit after the trial period, and you will get your full security deposit back within 3 business days. Terms and conditions apply.


(Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement)

SETUP + TRAINING ON RENTAL UNITS: Despite the simple interface of the sleep therapy device, competent training on the unit is crucial to getting good results!  The setup and training are done in person during device drop-off. Proper training leads to superior and quicker results!

For our fellow Melbourne mates, delivery charges apply beyond Banyule council (21 listed suburbs on This fee will cover the 4-way transport cost (back and forth for device drop-off and pick-up, before and after trial period)

For further enquiries, or to sign up for our Rent-to-Try Program, contact us.

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