Reasons to Drink NingXia Red

If you haven't been taking any antioxidants, you should start with NingXia Red! Antioxidants are so powerful. Did you know they can do cool stuff such as:

  • Slower signs of ageing, including of the skin, eyes, tissue, joints, heart, and brain

  • Healthier, more youthful, glowing skin

  • Keeps cells happy and turnover optimal

  • Detoxification support

  • May help you to live longer and healthier

  • Supports the cardiovascular system

  • Supports cognitive function

  • Supports vision and eye health​

Our favourite antioxidant is NingXia Red. In fact, 1 oz. of NingXia Red has the same amount of antioxidant levels as:

  • 34 large onions 

  • or 100 oranges 

  • or 814 blueberries 

  • or 22 medium carrots 

  • or 10.85 pounds of spinach 

  • or 55.33 pounds of almonds 

  • or 59 broccoli florets 

  • or 73 medium strawberries 

  • or 93 apples 

  • or 130 tomatoes

How NingXia Red Affects Our Blood?


The blood cells on the left picture, are unhealthy blood cells. Cells are stacked causing a clustered environment with small surface area for oxygen.


On the other hand, the picture on the right shows the blood cells of the same person only 15 minutes later, after drinking 1oz (30mL) of NingXia Red! Blood cells are flat and the regular-shaped wide surface area structure allows for more oxygen and better nutrients absorption. These are healthy blood cells, which are all floating side by side!


Take a look at this picture for another serious proof that NingXia Red absolutely supports your blood in some seriously crazy way!

Pictured here are two placentas delivered by the same mother, ten years apart.


In 2008, was the delivery of her firstborn at 37 weeks gestation, before her journey with Young Living. The placenta seemed bluish, flaccid and limp. 

With baby #3 born at 40 weeks gestation in 2018, mother consumed 60mL NingXia Red every single day without fail. During one of her antenatal check ups, midwife was amazed by the iron level which stood at a record high of 150th percentile! It was a remarkable iron reading level she has ever seen in her entire life. During delivery, this was how the placenta looked like - relatively huge as compared to the first placenta a decade back. 

Having said that, if you're struggling with low iron all these while, NingXia Red could be the answer to your question in regulating your iron level. Certainly a much healthier alternative and taste yummy too!

How Much NingXia Red Should You Take Each Day?

The recommended dosage  for adults is only 60mL a day to maintain wellness. You can take more when your body needs it, but it generally isn't necessary. 


NingXia Red can help you get more energy, sleep better, help keep your body healthy, improve workouts, and heaps more! It normally takes a few weeks to start to see results so keep at it and give it a full 30 days before you make any conclusion on what NingXia Red does for you. For more information, visit

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