Raindrop Technique sessions can be life changing. This gentle therapy detoxes the body, aligns the spine and supports the immune system. It balances the body and helps bring all the body systems back into equilibrium. And in a non-invasive manner. 


The Raindrop Technique can profoundly affect you on many levels, shifting emotional blockages, detoxifying the body and balancing the mind and body.  Your mind, body and senses will be thoroughly invigorated.


Our Raindrop Technique is ideal for:

  • De-stressing
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Emotional rebalancing
  • Full mind and body relaxation


There is a $40 expense for the oils included in the above session fee. Please always arrive 10 minutes before your booking so you can get started on time, as we may not have the flexibility to shift your booking.


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Initial Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Massage

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  • 1. How long does a session go for?

    Our Raindrop Technique typically takes 50 minutes for practitioner to assess your individual needs and then gently guide you into a deep state of mind and body relaxation.


    2. Where is your clinic located?

    Our home-based clinic is located in leafy Montmorency, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 18 km north-east from Melbourne's Central Business District.


    3. Do you do house-calls for Raindrop Technique?

    Yes, we do. A House Call provides all the benefits of our in-clinic massage sessions, including table setup, linens and oils, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Transportation charges apply, starting from $10, depending on distance.


    4. I am currently pregnant. Can I have the Raindrop Technique?

    Absolutely… Just let your practitioner know so that they can select oils that have been proven to be safe to use during pregnancy.


    5. How do I prepare myself for the treatment?

    • Remove all jewellery as our essential oil massage works with the body’s natural flow of energy and metals on the body can interrupt this flow.
    • Wear clothing that is comfortable and non restrictive, and ones that you don’t mind getting a little oil on, as although you will be asked to remove your clothing during the techniques, the essential oils are left on the skin for your body to continue to absorb their therapeutic benefits for the entire day.
    • Shower before coming in for your massage as we advise you to leave the oils on the skin for as long as possible.
    • Try not to eat a large meal for 1-2hrs before you massage.


    6. What do I do after my session?

    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Try not to do anything too strenuous or mentally tasking directly after you massage as you may feel deeply relaxed.
    • If you experience any of the following symptoms: tiredness, headaches, thirst, strong smelling stools or urine, mood swings and skin rashes you maybe detoxing. This is quite common due to the penetrating nature of the essential oils and these symptoms should improve with rest and drinking ample water. Though if you are concerned please contact our staff.
    • Limit red meat, dairy, sugar, coffee and alcohol consumption after an essential oil massage to allow your body time to detox and rebalance.


    For any other clarification, please contact us.

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